About Me

I am a DONA trained doula and mom to my beautiful daughter Cora. I was called to birth work and helping mothers find wellness and happiness as they start their journey as a new parent.

Hello, I'm Courtney!

When I'm not attending a birth or hosting a class, I love to research and enjoy all things wellness...

Ok, truth bomb, sometimes that may not look like your typical #vegan and #imadethisfromscratch posts that you might be used to seeing on wellness blogs.

But as a mom, I try my best. I also try to find balance and happiness.

So sometimes I might share a workout routine or homemade baby food, and other times I might share how to hide kit-kats from your husband. 🙂

If you are in the Jacksonville area and pregnant, head to our doula section and fill out the questionnaire!

Births fill up quickly, I would love to reserve your spot right away 🙂