Birth Services

Birth is incredibly special—it's not only the birth of a child, but also the birth of a mother. A doula is your guide to help you through all the changes of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Meet and Greet

No obligation virtual consultation. We decide that we can help you fulfill your birth wishes together. After that, I will reserve your due date...up to 9 months away. Let's set something up!

Prenatal Visits and Care

We meet at least twice during your pregnancy. Preferably once at your home and once with your care provider. We will practice relaxation techniques and I can assist you with birth plan.

On Call and Labor Support

I am on call and available to answer any questions you may have. I will be with you from the start of labor until the birth of your baby...staying even an hour or more after the birth to help with breastfeeding.

Postpartum Visits

I will be available to help with breastfeeding and will visit you at your home or hospital following the birth to provide additional care and assistance as well as to help you process the events of your birth

When a woman gives birth, she has to reach down inside herself and give more than she thought she had. The limits of her existence are stretched. There is a moment when every woman thinks "I can't do this." If she is lucky, she has a midwife, a doula or her mom whisper in her ear, "You are doing it." As she does it, she becomes someone new; a mother.

- Pam Ugly

Benefits of Birth Support

It has been shown that women who have the support of a doula during birth have a significantly better birthing process. 

31% Less likely to use Pitocin to speed up labor

9% Less likely to use any pain medications

28% Less likely to have a Cesarean Section

Shorter labor by an average of 41 minutes