26 Weeks Pregnant: Belly Bumpdate

26 weeks pregnant

Only two more weeks left of the second trimester….woohoo you are now 26 weeks pregnant!   You are probably starting to FEEL a lot more pregnant now, whether that means having some more discomfort or simply slowing down a bit. You may be experiencing some Braxton hicks contractions if you haven’t already…don’t be alarmed, that is just your body’s way of practicing for the big day!  After all, you wouldn’t go out and run a marathon without some training beforehand; well, your uterus is the same way!

Changes and Symptoms happening at Week 25

Baby is growing and working on putting on fat for the outside world.  As he grows, you may find it more and more difficult to do daily tasks as your growing belly starts to interfere.  Can you still see your toes?  Your view will soon be blocked, but don’t worry, just another 14 weeks or so until you meet your little one!

26 weeks pregnant
26 weeks exactly with my second baby.

What’s happening with baby?

  • Baby is over 14 inches tall and weighs close to about 2lbs
  • Currently is about the size of a butter squash
  • His eyes are beginning to open and he now has eyelashes
  • Baby is packing on weight to help him regulate his body temperature once he is born.

By now, most of the important body systems in your baby’s body are intact (yay!) and a lot of focus in the next coming weeks will be centered around gaining height and weight. 

Your baby’s immune system is forming by soaking up antibodies from you. 

Blue eyes or brown? Baby’s eyes have recently opened although his vision has not fully developed.  He also has yet to develop color in the iris of his eyes and some babies will have their eye color change in the weeks following birth. 

What’s happening with Mom?

  • Possible swelling in ankles and feet
  • Heartburn
  • Having trouble sleeping

Have you felt your uterus contract yet? Many women describe it as a tightening around their waist and you may notice your belly feels hard.

Some moms describe it as feeling like a light period cramp.

Braxton Hicks are usually not painful, but they can be somewhat uncomfortable.

It’s pretty typical to get them more in the evening time….if you are experiencing them, the best thing you can do is to stay hydrated and try moving positions. If you have been moving around a lot, try to sit or lay down and get some rest.  It also may help to take a magnesium supplement along with your regular prenatal vitamin, but check with your OB or midwife if you have any questions.

Braxton Hicks will differ from true labor pains in that they will be inconsistent and will not grow in strength or get closer together.  Usually if you change your activity, they will discontinue.

If you are having contractions that are getting stronger, closer together and last for more than an hour, contact your care provider to make sure you are not in the early stages of labor.  If they are painful, (you have to stop what you are doing to get through them) this may also be a sign of early labor. 

It is better to get checked out and it be a false alarm….almost all of us have had a false labor scare at one point in our pregnancy!

Probiotics During Pregnancy

Are you taking a probiotic during pregnancy?

Did you know it could potentially lower a women’s risk of preterm birth and pre-eclampsia?

A study was done with 70,000 women and it was found “that probiotic milk consumption in late pregnancy was associated with a 20-per-cent reduced risk of preeclampsia, while it accounted for an 11-per-cent lower risk of preterm birth when taken in early pregnancy and a 27-per-cent lowered risk when taken in late pregnancy.”

Like, wow!!!

You can check out more on the study here 


Researchers may think the connection could be reduced inflammation in the body, although they aren’t sure….but regardless, probiotics have many health benefits, even if you aren’t pregnant!

If you are 26 weeks pregnant, now is a great time to add probiotics to your diet.

Getting probiotics from fermented foods is ideal (such as yogurt, kefir, kimchi) , but a daily supplement is also a great thing to add to your regimen if you haven’t already.

probiotic in pregnancy

The probiotic I use is on Amazon, so its easy to grab a bottle for our family today!

Worried about breastfeeding in public when baby gets here?

Make sure to download one of our free State of Florida breastfeeding cards on our site.

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