Meditation For Mom

meditation for mom

30 Day Meditation Challenge During this uncertain summer I’m bringing a chance to learn and practice meditation with mothers and mother’s-to-be just like you. We will be kicking off August 1st with a 30 day challenge….the goal of simply practicing for a short 5 minutes a day for 30 days straight. Many of you will…

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Free Virtual Pregnancy and Postpartum Resources

What you can expect to find With the Coronavirus outbreak, many mothers are turning to the Internet to find virtual pregnancy and postpartum support. Weeks ago moms would be going on playdates, breastfeeding support groups, childbirth education classes and yoga workshops. Today, our daily lives look a lot different and many of us are finding…

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How Do I Prevent Heartburn in Pregnancy?

Feeling the burn.. When I was pregnant with my first child, I experienced heartburn and acid reflux in a way that I would have never anticipated.  I think it is one of those things you hear can be miserable, but its easy to write off as a simple nuisance that someone else has to deal with.…

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26 Weeks Pregnant: Belly Bumpdate

26 weeks pregnant

Only two more weeks left of the second trimester….woohoo you are now 26 weeks pregnant!   You are probably starting to FEEL a lot more pregnant now, whether that means having some more discomfort or simply slowing down a bit. You may be experiencing some Braxton hicks contractions if you haven’t already…don’t be alarmed, that…

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25 Weeks Pregnant: Belly Bumpdate

25 weeks pregnant

At 25 Weeks of pregnancy, you are nearing the end of the second trimester, which could mean that you are starting to feel more of the effects of your growing uterus and baby! Take advantage of some of the extra energy you still may be having and work on some projects around the house for…

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Breastfeeding in Public: Why It’s Important to Be Discreet

breastfeeding in public, breastfeeding, normalize breastfeeding

Discretion DOES matter when it comes to Breastfeeding in Public “I support public breastfeeding,” says one comment, “as long as the mother is being discreet about it.” These words are like nails on a chalkboard to many mothers. These mothers are trying to change public perception of breastfeeding and normalize what is a natural and…

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